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African Folktales For Kids (Part 5)

Join us for an interactive session where you will listen to old African folktales, act out scenes from the tales, and learn about African history, geography and culture along the way.
African Folktales For Kids (Part 5)

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About the Event

NOTE: Each class is virtual and lasts for 30 minues. All times are in PACIFIC TIME. See ticket/registration details to pick a date and time to attend. If you have any questions, please send is a message at

In this fun and interactive class, kids get to listen to an enthralling African Folktale each week. As the stories are being told, participants will get to play different characters as they act out mini scenes from the tale (they are more than welcome to sit back and just watch if the prefer). They'll learn interesting facts about the country, culture, or history behind the story and they'll spend a few minutes discussing the important lessons they learned. 

This class will have the kids moving and talking as they act out scenes and eagerly wait to find out how the story ends. Ideal for kids aged 5 to 9 years old.

Stories In This Series (Part 5)

  • The Blacksmith (4/22)
  • The Fisherman & The Magic Ring (4/29)
  • The Quest For Dawn (5/6)
  • Mom Who Turned To Dust (5/13)
  • The Origin of Fire    (5/20)

Why Take This Class?

Learning about culture can either help children connect with their roots and appreciate their own history more, or it can help them better appreciate diversity so that they can respectfully interact and engage with people from different backgrounds. Plus, global awareness is highlighted by CEOs and educational experts as one of the most important skills that leaders of tomorrow need to possess in order to be successful in their careers.

Using folktales is a fun way for kids to learn about other cultures because who doesn’t love a good story? The stories in this class are captivating and entertaining, and are most likely like nothing the kids have heard before, which makes the session all that more enchanting. So, whether you want them to learn about culture or you are just looking for something for them to do, this class is sure to have your children captivated and entertained the whole way through.

  • 5 Wk Series - 4/22 to 5/20 @4p
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    +$0.88 Service fee
  • April 22nd @ 4pm PT
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    +$0.20 Service fee