Make fun, colorful and glow in the dark jewelry with Feyi Fay’s Jewelry Making Kit for Kids!


It comes with 250+ assorted beads in various colors and shapes that kids can use to make bracelets, necklaces or head jewelry. Each kit also comes with roughly 90 glow in the dark beads, which doubles the fun and makes their finished jewelry extra special. The elastic bands in the kit make taking the jewelry on and off easy, and the mesh tubing gives the jewelry a unique look that most other jewelry sets don’t have.


The kit also comes with 10 cowry shells like the ones from the Feyi Fay books. In the books, the cowry shells have special magical powers so kids can use their imagination to think up all the amazing things they can achieve with their new magical jewelry!


Feyi Fay's jewelry making kit is the perfect gift for girls who like DIY crafts as they will immediately fall in love with their beautiful creations. They’ll cultivate and explore their creativity while improving their fine motor skills, and they’ll have fun the whole way through.



  • 250+ assorted beads including approximately 90 glow in the dark beads and 10 cowry shells.
  • Mesh tubing
  • Elastic bands
  • Instruction manual


Ships within 2 business days of order.

Feyi Fay's Jewelry Making Kit