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Crafts Inspired
By Africa Box

The Most Fun Way For Kids To Learn About Africa

Craft. Learn. Give Back.

Subscribe and receive a fun box of crafts inspired by Africa each month. Make things like flip flops, doll clothes, head attire, and more. Each box includes interesting facts about Africa related to the topic of the month, and a portion of the proceeds is donated to charity. Ideal for kids 6+.

Topic Of the Month

The Art of African Fabrics

This month, kids will learn about different fabrics from across Africa, how they are made and what they mean. Then, they'll build a loom and weave a delightful patch of fabric of their very own.


Orders placed between Nov 15th and Dec 14th will get this box.

How It Works

Boxes start at $33.99 plus FREE shipping in the USA. The first box ships within 7 days of order, then on the 15th of every month thereafter. Cancel anytime.

Freelancing at Home

1) Pick A Plan. Join The Fun!

Pick a 1, 3, or 6-month subscription or gift plan! We'll ship you one box a month until you say stop.

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2) Get Fun Crafts Every Month.

Flex your fingers and get ready to make something amazing related to the topic of the month.

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3) Learn And Give Back.

Learn about cool African culture and history, and help those in need in Africa and the diaspora.*

* For each box you purchase, we donate a percentage of the proceeds to help those in need in Africa and the African diaspora. 

What's In The Box


Materials to make a fun and simple craft or two.


Info on the charity you supported for the month.


A fact sheet related to the topic of the month.


A video tutorial to help with the craft.

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Why Get This Box?

Research shows that when a child learns about their cultural heritage they are emotionally healthier and have a better sense of self. For children who are not of African descent, it will help them better understand this diverse world we live in and prepare them for success in a global economy. In addition, the crafts are super fun and can teach skills that can be used for a lifetime.

Because we donate to charity when you buy this box, your children will learn that caring for others is important. It will teach them to be grateful for what they have and will help improve their emotional well-being.  


Charitable Organizations We Support

Every month we choose a charity and donate a portion of the proceeds from each box you purchase to help support that charity's mission. Here are some examples.

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What Parents Are Saying

We were part of a pre-launch group that received a sample box to test before it officially launched. My daughter loved it! She loved what she made, she loved the tutorial video, and she loved that she was giving back to those who are less fortunate. What surprised me most is that she now wants to use what she learned to make more flip flops to sell and start her own little side hustle! Five stars. We will definitely be subscribing once it officially launches.


    Tanika M, Pre-Launch Group