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About Us

   what we do and how we came to be     

Hello and welcome! My name is Omobola (but my author name is Simisayo Brownstone), and I am the CEO and founder of Teni & Tayo Creations. We create toys, books, and more for kids with a pinch of African influence. It could be as simple as an African proverb in your toy box or a subscription box with lessons about Africa inside. Whatever it is, we are excited to share a piece of Africa with you.

Our mission is to help close the representation gap in the products made for kids while creating fun and engaging products that any child can enjoy.

What Inspired The Company

Up until a few years ago, I never really thought of myself as the type to start a business. I was born and raised in Nigeria and was always surrounded by people that looked like me, but now I live in Los Angeles California and I am raising my two daughters in an area where we are a minority. As my daughters got older, they started to notice how different they looked from their friends. Even the TV shows they loved so much lacked representation. I wanted to reassure them that they were beautiful just the way they were and that their African heritage was something to be proud of regardless of what they saw or didn't see on television. So, I began to be more deliberate about the things I bought for them. I wanted to surround them with books, toys, and more that represented their beauty AND culture, but there weren’t a lot of good options available. And when I tried to find representation in the things my daughters were particularly interested in – things like princesses, fairies, and superheroes – it was even harder to find options.


That’s when I decided to start something on my own, and that’s how my first character, Feyi Fay, was born. Feyi Fay is a Nigerian superhero fairy who travels the world helping kids solve their everyday problems from bullying to making friends. I later added a character called Captain Nosa to represent the boys. 

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My goal with Teni & Tayo creations is to create a wide range of everyday products for kids, from pencil cases to underwear, and maybe even a TV show one day!  I hope that these products appeal to children from all backgrounds and ethnic groups while at the same allowing black and African children to feel more seen, empowered, and proud to be who they are.


Thank you so much for stopping by and if you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

(aka Simisayo Brownstone)

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