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About Us

   what we do and why we do it    

A World Where Kids Build, Make, Create and Explore!

At Teni & Tayo, we're inspired by the age-old African tradition of making things by hand, encouraging children to embrace creativity and hands-on learning. Scientific research shows that creating with your hands brings joy and happiness, and we want every child to experience the pride and fulfillment that comes from crafting something of their own.


Our mission is to help children develop new skills, solve problems, express their creativity, and gain a deeper appreciation for the world around them.

We offer a collection of classes, toys, and books designed to inspire kids to build, create, explore, and become global citizens. With Teni & Tayo, it's not just about receiving a toy; it's about actively participating in its creation, discovering the joy of making things by hand, and fostering a lifelong love of learning and creativity.

Why Focus On Hands-On Activities?

Did you know that the increasing prevalence of technology like phones and tablets is leading to a decline in children's fine motor skills? Alarmingly, one study even found that fewer medical students now possess the fine motor skills required for complex surgeries.

Beyond improving fine motor skills, working with their hands offers children numerous other benefits. Scientific studies show that hands-on activities boost happiness, enhance creativity, reduce stress, and improve problem-solving abilities.

While we appreciate the advantages of technology, we believe in the importance of balance. That's why we celebrate the joy of making!


In many African cultures, creating by hand is deeply woven into everyday life, from building homes to weaving fabrics. So, in our tech-filled world, we're taking a step back to basics and embracing the thrill of making something real, something you can hold in your hands. Are you ready to join us?

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Behind the Scenes
Welcome! My name is Omobola and I'm the Founder and Chief Architect of Playful Creations here at Teni & Tayo. Aside from being an entrepreneur, I'm a mother to two incredible daughters. In fact, the name of the company was inspired by them: Teni & Tayo. My children are a big part of why I do what I do and they are also my Chief Test Subjects. Yes, every new product, class, or idea gets the official Teni & Tayo seal of approval before it's released.


Why? Because their giggles, curiosity, and honest opinions shape everything we do. So, when you bring home a Teni & Tayo product or attend one of our classes, know that it's been kid-tested, mom-approved, and infused with a whole lot of love from our little testing squad. Because if it doesn't pass the Teni & Tayo test, it doesn't make the cut!


Giving Back
I'm Nigerian so many of our toys and books carry a touch of African influence, which reflects my love for showcasing the rich history, diversity, and culture of the African continent. I want to debunk myths and misconceptions, ensuring that every child gets a taste of the vibrant stories that Africa has to offer.


But there's more to it than that. Beyond just showcasing and educating about Africa, I'm all about giving back. When you grab one of our products, you're not just getting fun and educational goodies for your kids – you're making a difference. We donate to provide education, nourishment, safety, and more to those who need it most in Africa and the African diaspora.

It's not just about the toys; it's about making a positive impact together. It's a journey of learning, giving, and making the world a little brighter.

Thank you for stopping by!

Founder & Chief Architect of Playful Creations

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