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   what we do and why we came to be     

What We Do

We make children’s books, toys, accessories and more that celebrate diverse characters and African stories. Our goal is to have a little fun while  creating products that empower kids, stir the imagination, inspire creativity, and nurture problem solving skills in young minds.

Why We Got Started

Feyi Fay was the first character to join the Teni & Tayo family. She was created because we wanted to see more diverse characters in the books available to kids. We also wanted children to have a deeper  appreciation for the world they live in, and for little girls all over the world to know that they too can be the heroes of their own stories.  


Captain Nosa later joined the Teni & Tayo family to represent the boys.

About Simisayo, Author of The Feyi Fay Series

By day, Simisayo Brownstone is an entrepreneur, crunching numbers and developing business plans. By night, she's a disorganized mom trying to keep up with tantrums and dirty dishes. When she finds time for herself, she spends it daydreaming about what it would be like to live in a world with real magic. A world where eating cotton candy makes you skinny and butterflies can transport you through time. And even though she knows she's no longer 16, she secretly hopes that she'll one day find out she has super powers. Teleportation would be nice. Until that day comes, she writes.  

Simisayo Brownstone

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