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About Us

   what we do and how we give back    

At Teni & Tayo Creations, we're all about getting kids to CREATE while learning something new. We urge kids to get hands-on, dive into the joy of making, and expand their knowledge of the world around them.

Welcome! My name is Omobola, I'm the CEO and Master of Play at Teni & Tayo, and I am on a mission to create toys, books, and classes for kids that go beyond the ordinary. 

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Behind the Scenes
Aside from being an entrepreneur, I'm a mother to two incredible daughters. In fact, the name of the company was inspired by them: Teni & Tayo. My children are my inspiration and they are also my Chief Test Subjects. Yes, every new product, class, or idea gets the official Teni & Tayo seal of approval before it's released.


Why? Because their giggles, curiosity, and honest opinions shape everything we do. So, when you bring home a Teni & Tayo product or attend one of our classes, know that it's been kid-tested, mom-approved, and infused with a whole lot of love from our little testing squad. Because if it doesn't pass the Teni & Tayo test, it doesn't make the cut!



Check out our creations below.

Our Classes

We love giving classic ideas a playful spin, creating a fresh and exciting experience that kids will love. It's all about the perfect blend of fun and learning!


Whether it's after-school enrichment, a Girls Scout adventure, a memorable birthday bash, or a private event, our classes are designed to spark curiosity and make every moment a blast. We believe in turning every occasion into a special memory and a chance for kids to learn something cool without even realizing it!

Our Toys
Our toys aren't just playthings; they're opportunities for kids to build, create, and stand back in awe of what they've accomplished.

From DIY masterpieces to imaginative building kits, every toy is designed to make your child feel like a true creator. We believe in the power of learning through play, and our goal is to make sure your kids not only have a blast but also learn something new and exciting along the way.


Our Books
Get ready for a magical blend of storytelling and world culture. Join Feyi Fay, a helpful fairy with a sprinkle of magic, as she goes on a global adventure to help kids solve problems. 

When kids dive into our books, they're not just reading; they're learning valuable lessons about facing fears and finding solutions to life's puzzles. It's a fun and educational ride that sparks curiosity, empathy, and resilience in young hearts.

But here's the extra fun part – our books aren't just meant to be read; they come to life when paired with our awesome Feyi Fay toys!


Giving Back
I'm Nigerian so many of our toys and books carry a touch of African influence, which reflects my love for showcasing the rich history, diversity, and culture of the continent. I want to debunk myths and misconceptions, ensuring that every child gets a taste of the vibrant stories that Africa has to offer.

But there's more to it than that. Beyond just showcasing and educating about Africa, I'm all about giving back. When you grab one of our products, you're not just getting fun and educational goodies for your kids – you're making a difference. We donate to provide education, nourishment, safety, and more to those who need it most in Africa and the African diaspora.

It's not just about the toys; it's about making a positive impact together. It's a journey of learning, giving, and making the world a little brighter.

Thank you for stopping by!

CEO & Master of Play

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