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We teach kids cool new things using hands-on activities that get the fingers and bodies moving and grooving. Ideal for afterschool enrichment (K-5), Girl Scouts, private events, and more.

How to Book

 Contact us with the class you're interested in. We'll help find the perfect fit for you!

Build a Toy Workshop

Where STEM, Art, and Crafting Converge!

Drumroll please, introducing the most fun and one-of-a-kind kids' class in town. 


In this class, young creators get to construct and decorate amazing toys such as walking dinosaurs, solar-powered cars, hologram projectors, and more. The fun part? Every child takes their creation home for extra hours of play. No other class offers that!


This class combines a little engineering with art, critical thinking, and the mastery of hands-on crafting. We offer single classes for small groups or multi-class sessions for schools. Just reach out and we'll help you find the perfect fit. Ideal for ages 6 to 12.

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Crafty Creators Club

Not Your Average Arts & Crafts Class

In this class, we take crafting to the next level, going well beyond basic paper projects and simple paintings. Kids will embark on a creative journey crafting unique treasures like tea light lanterns, vibrant masks, glittering dragons, cuddly safari animals, and mini canvas masterpieces.

They’ll delve into exciting techniques and explore a world of diverse materials, all while having a blast and letting their creative spirits soar. Ideal for kids 6 to 10. Contact us to book a class for your school or group.

Sew Around the World

A Class for the Creative Globetrotter

In our exciting “Sew Around the World” Class, young explorers journey to a new country every week. They'll uncover fascinating facts about different cultures, traditions, and languages. But the real fun begins when they bring each country to life by sewing a plush doll dressed in the country’s traditional attire. It's a global learning experience filled with creativity and cultural appreciation! COMING SOON. 


Author Visits

An Interactive Reading Adventure

Invite Simisayo Brownstone to take your young readers on an adventure into her captivating children's chapter book, 'Feyi Fay.' In the session, she will discuss where she draws inspiration for her stories, share sketches and illustrations from the book, and tell traditional African folktale stories. 

As a special treat, if two or more sessions are booked, children will have the chance to randomly select their very own Yoruba name – because names carry profound significance within the Yoruba community.

Ideal for kids in grades K-2. Contact us to reserve a spot for this extraordinary experience! 

African Folktales

Discover Africa Through Enchanting Stories

In this engaging class, participants will embark on a journey across the diverse continent of Africa, where they'll be captivated by legendary tales, folk stories, and more. After each story, they'll dive into a simple craft project that relates to the enchanting tale.

With over 350 gleaming 5-star reviews on Outschool, this class is a true gem you won't want to miss. Join us virtually via Outschool for a shared adventure, or feel free to contact us directly to arrange a private class tailored to your preferences. Let the exploration begin! Ideal for ages 5 to 8.

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