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Five Legendary African Queens

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

There is no shortage of African queens that did amazing things during their reign. They led armies, conquered kingdoms, exposed enemies, and more. Below, you'll find a list of my 5 favorite African queens and a short description of each. These queens are my favorite because there is just something I find interesting about their stories.

For example, Queen Amina was like they say women can't lead men, so I'll lead 20,000 instead. Queen Nzinga and Empress Taytu were strategists. Nzinga collaborated with one enemy to fight another enemy, and Taytu made her enemy thirsty (not thirsty for her, although that would have been an interesting turn of events), literally thirsty. Queen Muhumuza is fascinating. She had people who were willing to fight and die because they believed in her and what she stood for. But I have to say that my favorite of all is Queen Amanirenas. She was the most ruthless of the five. I don't want to sound like I like violence... well, except when it's in a good action movie. And the Queen Amanirenas story would make a great action movie. Or better yet, it would make a great African Game of Thrones!

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Legendary African Queens: Queen Amina - Nigeria

1) Queen Amina

Amina was born into the royal family of the kingdom of Zazzau in the 1500s in what is present-day Nigeria. She was interested in politics and warfare and chose to spend her time honing her military skills with the warriors of the Zazzau cavalry. She grew to become a fierce and well-respected warrior herself, and upon her brother's death, she became queen. During her reign, she led an army of thousands of men, introduced metal armor to the troop, conquered numerous territories, built walls around the kingdom, brought unheard-of wealth to the land, and more. Her legacy now represents the spirit and strength of womanhood. She is known as Amina, daughter of Nikatau, a woman as capable as a man.

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