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5 Ugly Craft Ideas For Your Cute Kids 🤪

March is National Craft Month and it’s the perfect time to get ugly. Yes, ugly! An ugly activity means you didn't spend too much time on prep and you didn't spend too much money buying the real thing. Plus, with all the online shopping most of us do, it's great to find something productive to do with all those boxes. And you know what? Kids oftentimes love the ugly crafts more than the pretty ones. So, see below for 5 ugly cardboard crafts ideas that your cute kids will love!

However, if your kids are not into crafting or you just want other ideas for things to do, then get their minds churning with our Boredom Squashing Activity book! It's filled with over 100 pages of puzzles, mazes, riddles, and more to keep your kids engaged and boredom free!

1) Make a cardboard play kitchen

Have you ever wanted to get your kids a play kitchen but didn't have the money? Well, look no further. Grab some old cardboard boxes and start cutting! Soon you'll have the ugly play kitchen of your dreams. See the picture below for inspiration.

2) Make a cardboard parking lot

Do your kids love cars? Then this is the perfect craft for them. With a little tape and a cardboard box, you can get your kids' toy cars parked and organized. P.S. this craft works great with our solar-powered car!

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3) Make a cardboard robot

This robot is so ugly, it's cute! Take a box, add some black marker and some tissue paper, and boom, you've got an ugly cute robot! All that's left is to give it a name. I'm going to call this one "Robo-Cutie."

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4) Make some cardboard building discs

Take your cardboard boxes, cut circle discs, cut slits on each side of the discs, and boom! You've got something to build with. Connect the discs together in different ways to build different structures. But if you'd prefer some real building sticks, then try these ones!

5) Make a cardboard playhouse

Ok, so this playhouse isn't quite as ugly as the other crafts but it's still homemade using cardboard boxes. And for most of us regular moms that aren't very good at crafting, we'll probably take this simple idea and make it very ugly. Check out this article from home depot with all the directions needed to build this little house.

If you are not into ugly, that's ok. For some pretty hands-on activities for your kids, check out our collection of toys!

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