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Summer Reading: 10 Folktale Books From Around the World

Updated: Jun 17

Summer stretches before us, filled with sunshine, laughter, and endless possibilities for adventure. What better way to ignite young imaginations than with a journey through folktales? These traditional stories passed down for generations, offer timeless wisdom, fantastical creatures, and exciting escapades.

This list curates ten enchanting folktale books from around the world, promising to transport your child to faraway lands and cultures. So, pack your metaphorical bags, grab a cozy reading nook, and get ready to embark on a summer reading adventure!

Mandela, a Nobel Laureate for Peace, has selected these thirty-two tales with the specific hope that Africa's oldest stories, as well as a few new ones, be perpetuated by future generations and appreciated by children throughout the world.

The son of a Taíno chief would fish late at night and while he did, he'd sing a special song to Caguana, the spirit of love. The goddess grew fond of him and his daily visits brought her great joy...but everything changed when Juracán, an evil spirit, grew jealous of the pair. And so begins the Taíno legend of how the coquí frog came to be.

A deluxe volume of 16 traditional Nordic folk tales that is sure to impress any fan of cultural and mythological literature with impactful and stunning illustrations by contemporary artist Ulla Thynell.

An elegantly packaged new edition of a classic Chinese folk tale collection that responds to the contemporary fascination with the ancient culture of the Far East.

These nearly 150 African American folktales animate our past and reclaim a lost cultural legacy to redefine American literature.

This collection of 16 traditional tales transports readers to the beguiling world of Indian folklore. Transcribed by Indian and English folklorists in the nineteenth century, these stories brim with wit and magic.

A magnificent and richly illustrated volume―with a groundbreaking translation framed by new commentary and hundreds of images―of the most famous story collection of all time.

Mexican folktales invite us into a magical world of enchantment and transformation, populated by cats and kings, priests and tricksters, ordinary people and supernatural beings, in this vibrant collection.

Enjoy a rich collection of folktales, myths and legends from all over Africa and the Caribbean, re-told for young readers.

A deluxe volume of 16 Celtic folk tales sure to impress any fan of cultural and mythological literature with impactful and stunning illustrations by contemporary artist Kate Forrester.

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