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Feyi Fay Pom Poms for Halloween?

Updated: Oct 24, 2019


Halloween is almost here, and we love it when kids dress up as Feyi Fay! If you are thinking of dressing up your child as Feyi Fay this year, here's a simple craft you could do to make a pom pom headband that mimics Feyi Fay's hair style. And if you are not dressing up as Feyi Fay, that's okay too. This headband makes a cute accessory to add some flare to your child's look when out and about.

The Craft

To make the headband, you'll need a few things. You can get the items from your local craft store, however links to the products used in this demo are available below.

What you’ll need:

- A ball of yarn in a color of your choice. We use pink in this example.

- Glue

- A pair of scissors


1) Put a drop of glue on the tip of one side of the headband and then take one end of your yarn and start to wrap it around the headband, starting with the end that has the glue. Make sure to wrap the yarn tight, leaving no part of the headband exposed.

2) Once you get to the other end of the headband, add a little more glue to the tip and wrap the yarn around it. You can also tie a knot on the end of the headband to keep the yarn in place.

3) Now to make the pom poms. Take one end of the yarn and place it in-between your fingers as shown in the picture below.

4) Next begin to wrap the yarn around your four fingers, making sure to leave the loose end you put in-between your fingers (in step 3) loose/hanging.

5) Stop wrapping the yarn around your fingers when you feel like you've got a good sized pom pom. Slowly slip the wool off your hands and cut off the end of the yarn. Then take the loose from in between your finger (from step 3), and with the other end you just cut off, tie a knot in the middle of the yarn.

6) Once done, you should have a ball of yarn with a loop at each end. Cut the loops on each end as shown in the picture below, then use your fingers to spread out the yarn into the shape of pom pom, or as close as possible. Feel free to trim the yarn to make a better looking pom pom. Repeat the steps above to create a second pom pom.

7) Now to attach the pom poms to the headbands. Take the two loose ends that you used to tie the pom pom in the middle (in step 5) and then use that to tie the pom pom to the top right or left side of the headband. Then take the second pom pom and tie it to the other side. You can also use some glue to keep it secure.

Now you are all done! Rock your pom poms as an accessory to school, to the mall, for Halloween, or just because. And if you get lazy after making one pom pom, you can always just stick with the one pom pom for a stylish look. Enjoy!

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