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The fun is endless with this bundle! Kids will learn to be the best humans they can be with the Feyi Fay books and they’ll get to express their creativity with Feyi Fay's Jewelry-Making Kit. 


About the Jewelry-Making Kit

This jewelry-making kit is so adorable and makes the perfect gift for creative kids. They’ll get to mix and match a variety of beautiful pendants and beads to get a personalized look that they’ll love!  The kit comes with over 400 assorted beads, cute pendants, and two headbands. It also includes rings and clasps to give the jewelry a more professional-looking finish and we even threw in a pair of mini scissors so that the kids have absolutely everything they need to make the cutest jewelry ever.


Feyi Fay's jewelry-making kit is the perfect gift for kids who like DIY crafts. They will cultivate and explore their creativity while they improve their fine motor skills, create awesome jewelry, express themselves, and have fun!


This jewelry kit also includes a few quick facts about how jewelry was traditionally used in many cultures across the African continent. So, not only do you get a fun activity, but you also get to learn something new!


This kit includes:


  • 400+ multicolored assorted beads.
  • Clasps, rings, and clamshell tips.
  • Elastic cord.
  • One large heart-shaped pendant.
  • One bunny-shaped charm/pendant.
  • Two headbands.
  • One pair of mini scissors.
  • One plastic box.
  • One instruction manual with interesting facts about how African jewelry was traditionally used.



About the Feyi Fay Books

Travel the world on a magical adventure with Feyi Fay! 


The Feyi Fay series not only captivates young readers with its enchanting storyline but also exposes them to other cultures and teaches them important lessons about how to be the best humans that they can possibly be.

This whimsical fantasy adventure series uses Nigerian folktales and legends to guide children of the world through their everyday problems. Each book is a magical adventure packed with mystery, science fiction, suspense, humor, and life lessons. 


Ships within 2 business days of order.

Two Books + One Jewelry Making Kit


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