Kid's Craft: Make Your Own Mini Talking Drum Using Paper Cups

In book 2 of the Feyi Fay series, Feyi Fay and the Disappearance of Captain Nosa, a magical instrument called the “Truth Talking Drum” is introduced. This Truth Talking Drum had the power to force people to speak the truth whenever they heard the drum beating. While the drum is an imaginary magical object, it was inspired by the Yoruba Talking Drums from West Africa. See below for some interesting facts about the Talking Drum, then watch our video to make your own mini Talking Drum out of paper cups at home with your kids!

Interesting Facts About The Yoruba Talking Drum

  • The Talking Drum is an hour-glass shaped instrument. The sound it makes can be regulated to mimic the tone patterns of human speech. In other words, it can sound like a person humming.

  • Skilled drummers can use the drum to communicate actual phrases.

  • In the old days, people would beat the drum to send messages from one village to another. It was much quicker than going long distances in person to communicate the message. Think of it like early man’s form of text messaging.

  • The drum was also a great way to communicate messages that they didn’t want outsiders to understand. They could use it to warn each other of danger, for example.

  • Other cultures in Nigeria and around West Africa have their own version of the Talking drum, for example, people in Ghana and the Hausa people of Nigeria.

  • Talking Drums are used in popular music today, and often played at special events such as weddings.

Make Your Own Mini Talking Drum At Home

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