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Build your own wooden 3D hologram projector with our fun STEM kit! Your kids will be enthralled and amazed as they observe beautiful 3D images that appear to float in space above their smartphones. And yes, it works with all smartphones! Once the projector is built, simply place it on your phone, turn the lights down, and play one of the exclusive videos that come with the kit. You can also use it with the hundreds of free hologram videos available on youtube.

Through the construction process, kids will learn about problem-solving and attention to detail as they read the manual and build their hologram projector. Once the projector is complete, they'll be able to decorate it with the paint that is included in the kit. They'll also learn the basics of how 3D hologram projectors work, and they'll even learn how to turn themselves into a 3D hologram. Super fun!

Holographic video displays can be calming and relaxing, and they work great as part of a bedtime routine. The exclusive videos that come with this kit include fun short stories that are perfect for bedtime. 


This toy will help spark your child's imagination, improve their critical thinking, develop their fine motor skills, and inspire their creativity. It's great for kids, but it's even better when kids and adults work on the project together. This is the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, family bonding, school projects, and more.

Build Your Own 3D Hologram Projector - STEM Project


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